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Project Name:
Installation of the process plant for the Buritica mining project – Camp Assembly

Project Description:
Assembly of mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation equipment, supply of materials for pipelines for the processing plant of the Buritica mining project.

Representative Quantities of the Project:
2,200 Tons of steel structure.
2,900 Tons of equipment.
Includes 2 horizontal mills (550 Tons), 1 filter press (400 Tons).
10,500 meters of pipelines.
160,000 meters of power cables.
25,000 meters of electrical conduits (trays and conduit).
1,100 luminaires.
26,000 meters of instrumentation cables.
2,400 instruments.

  • Buritica (Antioquia) – Colombia
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Man-hours: 750,000



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